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September 21, 2021

Can you ever truly reconcile your past without losing yourself or your future?

Savannah McIntyre is estranged from her family, haunted by the destruction that her father's development business has visited upon the landscape that she loves. When a family wedding calls her home, the hope of reconnecting with her dad surfaces, putting her directly in the path of Gabe Tanner, an archeologist on her father's payroll. Gabe is estranged from his own father, and in him Savannah senses a man of immense compassion with a deep connection to the land, and differing ideologies. As a threat from the past resurfaces, their remote and dangerous archaeological survey turns deadly, threatening more than fragile truces. Will Savannah and Gabe survive, or will a dark shadow finally extinguish them?

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Kiss Me in the Rain (Hearthstone, #1)

Releasing March 22, 2022

What if everything you ever wanted was nothing you could have ever expected?

Lillian Morgan is a disgraced British war correspondent. Scotland Yard has cleared her of all treason charges, but her career didn’t survive being duped by a double-agent. The rediscovery of a family heirloom, a New World fur trade journal from the eighteenth century, gives Lillian a story to chase while she tries to pick up the pieces of her life. 

Colt Tanner is a world champion bull rider, old enough to know his time on the circuit is coming to a close, but too skittish to settle down anywhere. He likes life one adrenaline high after another, never stopping long enough to feel anything. But a career-ending injury has left him with time to notice the unanswered questions about his family are starting to pile up. 

A week in the wilderness to write an eco-inn’s marketing material is not Lillian’s idea of professional glory, but her job prospects are limited. She needs a guide and Colt’s schedule is now wide open. Sparks and bullets fly when these two stumble into deadly family secrets and international spies holding grudges. Will they find what they’re looking for, or die trying?
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Releasing September 20, 2022

What if the one person you are trying to forget was your heart’s deepest desire?

Becca Tanner is determined to make her dude ranch inn nestled in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains open on time and be a success. Nowhere in her business plan did she pencil in time for arms dealers and drug runners, manipulating fathers, or sparring matches with her one-sided, decade-long crush, Officer Jason Chasseur. She invested everything she had and more that she didn’t into her dream and she’ll go down swinging before giving up on herself or those counting on her. 

RCMP Officer Jason Chasseur doesn’t believe for a second Becca Tanner didn’t know her father pushed him out of the chance to buy back his family’s ancestral land. That sparks fly whenever she’s near is irrelevant. When the land in question turns out to be an active criminal basecamp and Becca is forcefully recruited, he knows she is in way over her head. 

As the time ticks down to opening weekend, Becca is running out of time. As danger mounts, she digs in deeper, determined to keep her livelihood and wits about her. Small consolation if she’s dead, a fact Jason is quick to remind her as he hustles with everything he has to keep her safe. Families secrets keep pace with them as they run headlong into each new threat. Can they trust each other long enough to help a broken criminal family heal and finally accept the love that has always been between them?
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Isobelle Cody, or Elle as her friends call her, loves her job as an archaeologist in Canada. Working in remote landscapes suits her completely, but her irrational fear of airplanes has her beyond grounded. She decides backup is in order and asks for Divine help. As an afterthought, she throws in a request to meet her Mr. Perfect. It couldn’t hurt. The Goddess, Gaia, assigns Bodin. He is a thousand year old warrior, now angel-in-training, who just happens to not believe in love. Grumpy and usually a divine pain, Bodin has met his match with the beautiful archaeologist and finds himself under the healing power of love for the first time. The two explore their budding attraction working in the wild northern forests. When Bodin’s past threatens their future, will love come too late or just in time for forever?


Short Story—paranormal

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A Short Story: Some napkin dispensers hold napkins, others have gorgeous heroes locked inside. Shay just wanted to grab a bite to eat and pretend her life was safe. She never expected to be responsible for rescuing a handsome hero, or that her new-found joy would be so quickly threatened by an old danger. Eric has had enough of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; he’s locked in a napkin dispenser for goodness sakes. It might be worth it, though, he’s falling fast and hard for his feisty rescuer. But a sinister force threatens them both; will true love save them in time?